A third of Start-Ups crash
and burn in their first year

Don't let yours be one of them.

Create your own unique brand with my new, exciting programme 5tart Up Brand Up and increase your chances of growing a successful business.

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Avoid these 5 deadly mistakes and build a wonderful, passionate, lasting brand.

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Get ahead of your competitors and create your own unique and exciting brand with my
5tart Up Brand Up Programme. If you’ve already created a brand that you're happy with, let me help you successfully build it using my 25 years experience in advertising and marketing, working at some of the biggest agencies in the world.


And if you’ve created a brand but aren’t happy with it, let me help you re-create it and turn it into a brand that you and your customers will love!


I’ve created ideas for over 200 brands

I’ve worked on the famous, the weird, the sexy, the hilarious and the most boring of brands! 
These are some of my favourites, recognise any of them?

Tony Snow, Art Director, Brand Consultant, Business Coach, NLP Practitioner, Personal Development, Warrior, Growth, Love my job, Speaker, On stage, Presenter, Teacher, Build brands, Marketing, Advertising,

I bring BIG brand thinking to small businesses.

My name is Tony Snow and I'm an Art Director. I've spent 25 years working in some of the biggest advertising agencies in the world, including Saatchi & Saatchi London.

CJ Sohal, Founder of Unwrap your success, Testimonial for Tony Snow, Career Coach, Start Up Brand Up, Brand building, Marketing, Advertising, Building your own unique brand, exciting brand, successful brand

"I found the 5tart Up Brand Up program incredibly inspiring - for transforming my brand from what was a completely non-congruent brand which lacked originality and any essence of "me" in it, to a brand which connects with my target market and is truly something I am proud of. Tony Snow really knows his stuff and engages with you in a passionate, friendly manner. The material is easy to digest, making this one of the most fun programmes I have ever been through."

CJ Sohal, Founder, Unwrap Your Success.


"Tony stands out as a 'go-to' expert for obvious reasons - he has a wealth of knowledge gained at the sharp end of business, he has a desire to know you and your business and he has a big heart that drives his own purpose. In other words, he wants to see you succeed and he'll put his heart into your business to see you do just that. He's already added massive amounts of value to me and my own business and I cannot recommend him highly enough". 

Allan Kleynhans, International Speaker, Training Facilitator, Performance Coach, Allan Kleynhans International Ltd.

Allan Kleynhans, International speaker and Performance Coach, Testimonial for Tony Snow, Career Coach, Start Up Brand Up, Brand building, Marketing, Advertising, Building your own unique brand, exciting brand, successful brand

Visual Identity & Website Design


Don’t spend only £20 on a logo and don’t build a website yourself. If you’re serious about creating and then building a successful brand, take your logo and website design seriously. And that means investing some money in both of them and paying professionals to create them.

Like us.

If you want a £20 logo or a website for £100,
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