2,941 pigeons in a lift

I had a meeting on Friday at The Hospital Club in Covent Garden with Karl Pearsall. The meeting was on the 4th floor so I had to get the lift. As I pushed the button and waited for the doors to close, I noticed a sign, you know, the sign that tells you how many people are allowed in the lift. But this one didn’t just tell me that 9 people could get in this lift.

No, it also told me how many horses would be allowed in(1)! And bananas(5050)! And pound coins(10,526)! I couldn’t stop smiling. Here was a lift company with a personality(or was it The Hospital Club?). Whoever was responsible, and I may ask next time, they have a sense of humour. I loved it. It put a big smile on my face. And of course I had to take a photo. There was someone else in the lift and I had to mention it to him. I think he thought I was mad!

It actually had me walking out of the lift with a spring in my step and before myself and Karl even got started on our meeting, I had to tell him what I had just seen!

There are many ways to get noticed as a brand but having a personality, being cheeky, having a sense of humour, these are all great ways to not only get noticed but to stay in your customers minds.

The strength of a great brand is to be remembered. And talked about. And shared. And if you smile while doing all this….awesome!

What are you doing to be remembered? What are you doing to put a smile on your customers faces?

Tony Snow

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I'm an Art Director and Brand Consultant. I'm also a qualified Personal Performance Coach and NLP Practitioner. I've been in the world of advertising and marketing for 25 years and still freelance at London's big agencies. I am the creator of 5tart Up Brand Up, an online branding programme that helps small business owners and entrepreneurs build their own unique and exciting brand.