A meal for a meal

A couple of days ago I was having a breakfast meeting with the team I’m going to be working with on a big new brand. It was at a restaurant called Dishoom in Kingly street, just off of Carnaby street. It is one of a chain of Bombay Cafes, and is based on the old Irani Cafes of Bombay.

I was looking through the menu and, as usual, was wondering what to order when I saw something that made me smile. No, it wasn’t one of their dishes!

Sitting just above the Naan rolls was a promise. A promise to donate a meal to a charity for every breakfast that was ordered. The charity in question is called Magic Breakfast(www.magicbreakfast.com).

Wow, I thought, what a wonderful idea. It warmed my heart(unlike the cold cappuccino!) and it made the breakfast more enjoyable(great food by the way).

What was interesting was that this brand didn’t use it like a main marketing message. It didn’t shout out that this is what it does(well, I didn’t see anything).

It didn’t use this wonderful gesture to try to win more clients, to try to get more people through their doors. The question is, is this a mistake? Should it advertise this message more? Should it be at the front of their marketing? Who knows.

But what I do know is that a child that needs feeding at one of the schools in London is going to be fed.

Donating to charity isn’t unique. Lots of brands will donate money, often without the public knowing.

You could argue that this is wrong to do it this way because it seems like bribery. But because you didn’t find out till you sat down and ordered, it wasn’t. Not at all.

Unlike Toms shoes that tells you what it does (www.toms.co.uk).

So the question is, could you do something similar? Could you use a charity angle to be different to your competitors?

Have a think. And remember, Think Different.

PS. Great food, go try it out. www.dishoom.com

Tony Snow

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