Not everybody likes to do everything on their own.

Unlike me, who wants to do everything himself. Always have done, bit of a control freak.

But that’s not good!

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And fortunately for me, I’ve realised that this is a big mistake. Because it slowed me down and I never got the real quality that I needed. After all, I can’t be an expert in everything.

So I started delegating. I got in people who knew better than I did.

I got myself a designer, an illustrator, a website designer and others who could advise me and help my business move forward and grow.

I stuck to what I know best. What I’ve been doing for 25 years. Creating a brand. 

Writing, coming up with the ideas. Creating, creating, creating.


And it’s been liberating!


You may be the same. You may not. But it’s important to realise that outside help can really add quality to what we’re doing, whatever that is.

You may be a coach, an accountant, a speaker, a baker or a lawyer. It doesn’t matter. What matters is that you get the best out of your business, you get your business to go in a forward direction and grow it and build on it.

And when it comes to branding and building your business into your own unique, exciting brand, I can help you. Not just with my exciting programme 5tart Up Brand Up but beyond that. Way beyond that.

Some of you may do this programme and that will be enough to create a strong, exciting brand. Some of you may already have created your brand and not need my programme but could do with some help moving it forward. 

You may have found yourself in a bit of a 'rut'. Struggling with your communication, your website, your marketing. You might even be doubting whether you're talking to the right customers or even communicating the right messages to them. It happens. But if it does, you need to do something about it.

“I worked with Tony on many projects including a major international pitch where he was lead creative (which we won). He's got great energy and a real enthusiasm for the creative product, but he's always happy to talk about the idea and is a real team player. We worked across both advertising, direct and digital channels, and Tony always seemed comfortable coming up with ideas that were flexible enough to work in many different ways”

Kevin Allen - Chief Strategy Officer at Publicis Chemistry

I bring BIG brand thinking to small businesses.


With 25 years experience of creating ideas for some of the biggest brands in the world (you saw some of them on the Homepage) at some of the biggest advertising agencies in the world, I think BIG.

Thinking BIG has never been so important, in a world full of businesses all vying for our attention. It is estimated that there are well over 100 million small business around the world.

So if you don’t want to blend in and be forgotten about, think BIG and build your business into the best brand in your market.


Let me help you.


I’m not like most brand consultants. I don’t wear a suit and dazzle you with lots of plans and diagrams. I wear jeans and a t-shirt (well, I am an Art Director!).

But I do love strategy and I’ll be helping you move your brand forward and upwards. I’ll be the ears that listen to you and the voice that helps you. With passion that will inspire you.

Whether it be about your present branding, marketing or strategy, I’ll use all of my 25 years working in some of the best agencies in the world to help you.


If you want advice on your logo’s or website, or any thing else, I’ll give it. And a solution too.


If you want me to help you create consistency across your brand, I’m your man.


If you want to talk about your marketing and how to engage your customers more, that’s my forte.


If you want to bounce ideas off of me, create new ideas, create new ideas together, that’s my passion.


If you want to think BIG, you're talking my language!


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Full days and monthly packages can be arranged. Please contact me directly.