Coaching - 6 sessions


Coaching - 6 sessions


As a business owner, you’re top dog. Top of the tree. Everybody comes to you. 

But who do you go to?

Especially when you want to discuss an important decision. One that could make or break your business. Even the most confident of people can doubt themselves, doubt whether they’re good enough. Whether they really can achieve their business dreams.

Sometimes even the best entrepreneurs could do with a little help.

That’s where I come in.

As your coach, I’m going to listen, question, inspire, push, encourage, challenge and support you. 

You’ll set goals(business or personal) and I’ll help you achieve them. 

I’ll help you crush any obstacles that get in your way, including limiting beliefs, self doubt, and lack of confidence (that’s where my NLP skills come in!).

You’ll go on an incredible journey that will enable you to ‘grow’ as a person and a business owner.

You grow - your business grows