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Mark Johnston, Testimonial for Tony Snow, Career Coach, Start Up Brand Up, Brand building, Marketing, Advertising, Building your own unique brand, exciting brand, successful brand,

"I had the pleasure of working with Tony on his 5tart Up Brand Up course. What can I say, Tony really knows his stuff. He’s been working in branding and marketing for years and it really shows. I learnt so much during this course – things that seem obvious now but really weren’t before doing the course. I now realise why I nearly went insane trying to do this stuff on my own! The way he’s laid out the course really made sense when I was thinking about my business and it’s done in a way where I felt challenged and supported. 

There’s so many conflicting theories and ways of thinking about branding out there, and a lot of it is useless and confusing, although I only realise that now that I’ve been through the course! Tony does a great job of teaching what is relevant to today’s start up businesses and he has an amazing no nonsense approach to the stuff that isn’t relevant or out of date.  

Tony has a great style – I can tell that he really cares and he’s always on hand when you need help. He has a way of hearing what you’re not saying and getting to the bottom of issues that were leaving me confused and demotivated. 

If you’d like to get your branding sorted, I highly recommend doing the course and working with Tony. You’ll be amazed at how easy Tony can make this whole process."

Mark Johnston - Career Coach

Scott Mooney, Testimonial for Tony Snow, Career Coach, Start Up Brand Up, Brand building, Marketing, Advertising, Building your own unique brand, exciting brand, successful brand

"The experience of Tony’s branding course has been very enlightening, getting your brand together isn’t just about picking a logo. In fact this is lesson number one in how to fail in business 1. Start with the logo. What you get with this course is Tony’s years of experience in the industry plus his personal touch, Tony is there to support you throughout the process and you can really feel his personality come out as he explains the various modules to you.

The course is simple in design, making it easy for you to follow, yet there is nothing easy about some of the questions and exercises, they will challenge you into really digging deep into the important areas of your business that you may not have thought about until years down the line. 

I’d recommend this course to anyone who really wants to get their brand and their message right and to know that they are speaking to the right customers.

To everyone else I’d recommend you start with a logo."

Scott Mooney - Transformational Coach

"I would highly recommend this course to anyone starting out in business or to anyone who desires to revamp their current branding. The content of this course was not only informative, but so easy to understand and follow.

The programme is worth every penny and more. Branding is much more than having a fancy logo or funky colours. It has a lot to do with giving your customer/clients a memorable consistent experience with your product or services. Purchasing this course will help your business stand out from the rest. Guaranteed."

Donna Hudson - Founder Footprints Transformation Academy

“In the years that I've known Tony one of his many positive attributes shines brighter than all others: consistency. Without fail he delivers exciting, surprising creative solutions that demand attention. His understanding for communicating a message through digital and conventional media is second to none. Passion and integrity make Tony a genuine creative leader. I'm very proud to have had the privilege to work closely with Tony in the past and would love to again in the future”

Les Welch - Creative Director at Lionhouse Creative

“I worked with Tony on many projects including a major international pitch where he was lead creative (which we won). He's got great energy and a real enthusiasm for the creative product, but he's always happy to talk about the idea and is a real team player. We worked across both advertising, direct and digital channels, and Tony always seemed comfortable coming up with ideas that were flexible enough to work in many different ways”

Kevin Allen - Chief Strategy Officer at Publicis Chemistry

“Tony is one of those rare creatives who brings both experience and passion to every job he works on. Which is why I hired him to help me drive TMS's integration forward. His ideas are always imaginative and he won't rest until the executions have been crafted to his exacting standards. More than that though, Tony really cares about not just the work, but the agency he's at. He proactively looks to mentor and develop junior talent, as well as constantly striving to find new ways to make his agency a more creative and inspiring place to work”

Graham Wall - Executive Creative Director at Table 19

Tony is a great coach. He has been instrumental in helping me to redevelop my business. His style is positively enthusiastic and constructive, and he asks penetrating questions that make me think about challenges in new ways. Tony has been excellent at getting me to define what my goals are and supporting me in pursuing them. To this end, his own business and marketing expertise have been invaluable. Highly recommended.

Chris Stagg – Business owner

Tony is a very approachable coach. I feel that I have grown as a person through our sessions and therefore the benefits have been great. As far as I’m concerned, Tony is a natural. An excellent coach who I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend to others.

Theresa Brosnan - Business owner

The coaching I received from Tony has proved to be invaluable, my life is so much clearer. I alway left his coaching with a way forward and actions that were reachable and so achievable. I would without doubt use and see Tony again.

Richard Clayton – Black Cab Driver

Tony has always been fully committed with my achievements and welfare. The impact of his coaching sessions has been life changing and I am very grateful to Tony. Thank you Tony for your determined commitment and skillful support!!  

Emilia Magnani – Life Coach

Tony is sincere and honest and will hold you to account when necessary and give you the tools to create the life you want. He makes sure the goals you set yourself are congruent and realistic. I felt very comfortable sharing both my dreams and fears with Tony. I am now in the process of expanding my portfolio and studying MA photography at a top university. Thank you Tony for making this happen! 

Alix Edwards - Photographer